Night time support is Best Bar None

A new scheme will transform the way that bars and clubs in St Helens Town Centre work.

St Helens Council will become the first area in the Liverpool City Region area to adopt Best Bar None, a Home Office backed programme which encourages businesses to share their experiences and help each other raise standards for the night time economy in the borough.

The new programme was backed by St Helens Council’s licensing committee and work has no begun to train people who will work with all partners in introducing Best Bar None to bars and restaurants.

Chairman of licensing and environmental protection committee Councillor Jeanie Bell said: “We are dedicated to making sure that those people who want to support our local businesses by visiting the town centre at night time have a safe and enjoyable experience. Best Bar None will prove to be a great initiative which encourages a new way of working with businesses that hopefully will foster a partnership approach to providing a good night time experience for all.”

The introduction of Best Bar None is part of a range of projects that will help to promote St Helens Town Centre as a place to visit and fits into a wide range of projects to transform the area for all.

Work will now start to train assessors who will help to bring in the programme and work with licensed premises.

Mick McDonnell, national coordinator for Best Bar None, added: “It’s absolutely fantastic to see Best Bar None being launched in St Helens. The night-time economy in any town or city plays a vital role, and for premises to be able to demonstrate that they have not only gone through a rigorous assessment, but are recognised as responsible sellers of alcohol, will only enhance the perception of night life in St Helens.

“Having to demonstrate that they are dealing with issues such as safeguarding and vulnerability, reducing crime and disorder, public nuisance and public safety will, I’m sure over time ensure that more people go out, stay out longer and have a better experience. We look forward to welcoming St Helens into the ever-growing Best Bar None family.”


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