Scandinavian furniture retailer JYSK setting up shop in St Helens

Scandinavian bedroom and living room chain JYSK is to add another two UK stores in the summer.

The 16-store chain will open branches in St Helens and Bradford in June. The stores will employ 20 people between them.

David Ashton, JYSK UK country manager said ‘I am very pleased to announce our next flags on the UK map will be in Bradford and St Helens, we plan on increasing our store numbers by 30% this year, and in 2020 we plan to grow 30% again.

“Whilst we might be an unknown to many within the UK, our strong international buying power, with 2,700 stores worldwide this brings the UK customer such great prices and products. In Bradford and St Helens we have found great locations in areas that I firmly believe the local population will soon love JYSK,’

The store will open on St Helens Retail Park on Saturday 15th June at 9am


You may have come across the term ‘hygge’ in lifestyle and interior design magazines, but what exactly is hygge?

Hygge is said to be a main ingredient in the recipe for creating the world’s happiest nation, Denmark. For Danes, hygge is family and friends gathered around a well-set dining table for a Sunday roast and a great chat. It can also be hygge to snuggle up in your favourite armchair with a good read and a cup of tea in your own company. Even something as simple as lit candles on your windowsill can be hygge.

’Hygge’ is about the relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at home and allows you to unwind and recharge. You cannot force the feeling of ’hygge’, however you can help it along with the right kind of furniture and decorations. At JYSK, their Scandinavian roots are reflected in the selection of furniture and decorations. Their heritage is also a great part of our culture and they’d love to help you set the mood for hygge in your home.


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