Hemsec announces senior appointments to support growth plans

Hemsec, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of timber- and metal-faced composite insulated panels, have recently made two senior appointments to help drive growth at the Company.

The family-owned business based in Rainhill, has appointed Ingrid Lovatt as Finance Director and Chris Griffin as Commercial Director.

Ingrid is a particularly apt choice as Finance Director at St Helen’s-based Hemsec; her background and wide experience as a big-four-trained Chartered Accountant, combined with a Master’s Degree in Architectural Engineering gives her a well-informed viewpoint from which to help build the company.

Ingrid started her career working in engineering in the 1980’s, and is heartened by how the profession has since turned itself around here in the UK. An engineering consultancy role led her into accountancy, where her background has spanned big-four mergers and acquisitions with UK and International clients, as well as strategic financial roles at both FTSE 100 PLC’s and owner-managed businesses.

On her move to Hemsec, Ingrid said “I was looking for a business that had aspiration as well as strong foundations, where I could be part of the journey. To find one that also has a heart, made it easy for me to agree to join Hemsec.”

Chris is equally well-matched with Hemsec, joining as Commercial Manager. His background in logistics, international warehousing, commodity storage and port distribution led to a move into commercial in 2015. He spent the last four years developing industrial supply chain solutions before joining Hemsec to support Managing Director Stephen Painter to realise his vision of ‘Doing business differently and better.’

Chris said “It feels like a real privilege to join Hemsec at this stage in its history. The commitment to ensuring Hemsec’s values influence responsible decision-making really attracted me to this company. I am excited about investing my time and effort in helping to fulfil its potential in a sustainable way.

“The insulated panels the company produces play a vital role in significantly reducing fuel usage in buildings, at the same time as improving living standards. It is really important that we help the construction industry to access the volume of materials it needs to stimulate MMC in the UK and Europe.

“Widespread usage will play a pretty significant role in fulfilling the environmental targets set in the Kyoto and Paris agreements. As a collective, we must reduce energy and any part I have in making this happen more easily and effectively, motivates me.”

About Hemsec

Hemsec is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of composite insulated panels.

Established in Liverpool in 1928 by ship insulation engineer, Cyril Hemmings, Hemsec has long been one of the UK’s leading insulated panel manufacturers.

Its growth has been fuelled by partnerships, first with one of the UK’s original ice cream entrepreneurs Bill Walker, in the 1940’s with the famous J Lyons & Company, and in recent years with contractors and end users in the cold storage, clean room and building industries.

Hemsec remains a family-owned business, employing over 45 people at its Rainhill factory site.


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