Plans revealed for fire-hit St Helens site

Further details on plans to breathe life into a fire-hit site on Haydock Industrial Estate have been revealed.

In 2018, a blaze caused significant damage and distortion to a trio of steel framed buildings which were part of Westbridge Foods’ operation. It was decided that the wholesale demolition of the units should take place, with one set to be retained.

The fire-damaged facilities were all demolished by May 2019.

Plans have now been submitted to St Helens Council to rebuild the two operations.

The first would be a standalone comprising 2,470 sq ft of space, with the second set to accommodate three units of about 2,725 sq ft each. All have been termed ‘starter’ sites.

These replacements have been designed to complement each other, with the use of cladding set to identify then as one major unit rather than being a mismatch of different styles and materials.

The application is expected to go before St Helens Council later this year.


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