First look at possible new recycling system for St Helens

St Helens Council has unveiled the new recycling container system that could be introduced across the borough following a focused trial in the Town Centre ward early next year.

The bespoke containers have been designed and produced by local specialist manufacturer Coral Products PLC based in Haydock, and could replace the current bag and box system

The multi box recycling system is roughly the same size as a normal wheelie bin, with removable trays for separated recycling, and wheels to make the unit movable. The entire unit is made from recycled materials, meaning every component can be recycled again in Haydock to produce further parts.

Councillor Lynn Clarke, St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “Getting recycling right is really important to us, our residents and the environment. Over the course of a review of our recycling and waste services, we listened to feedback from residents, and the concerns raised through our thorough scrutiny process.

“Separated recycling remains the best way to recycle as the council doesn’t then have to pay for it to be separated and it is easier to be reused in the UK, meaning we are all doing our bit to look after the environment. However, it’s clear that we can provide a better solution for our residents, which we believe we’ve found with these innovative containers.”

Mick Wood, CEO of Coral Products PLC, said: “After many months in design and development we are now delighted to be able to offer the solution to easily collect and segregate household recyclable products. There is simply nothing in the market that has the ability to change the way segregation takes place at a consumer level and we are delighted that St Helens council has partnered with us to bring it to market.”

The unveiling comes after a decision in June this year by Council Leader David Baines to halt a proposed trial of three-weekly landfill waste collections, to focus on providing improved recycling containers that would enable residents to recycle more with every weekly collection.

Councillor Baines said: “With the current recycling containers it’s clear that too many residents would struggle with three-weekly, so we’re prioritising new containers. The bottom line is that as a society we simply have to recycle more, and we have to play our part here in St Helens. But residents need the tools to do the job and it would be wrong to move to three-weekly with inadequate containers.

“Aside from the environmental reasons we should be recycling more, it also makes economic sense for the council and council taxpayers – landfill charges are 2.5 times as expensive as recycling.

“As well as keeping a fortnightly landfill bin collection while we pilot new containers, we have also tasked council officers with providing better information to help residents recycle.”

To support residents looking for help with their recycling, the council has launched a series of library-based drop in sessions, where recycling staff will be on hand to give tips and advice beginning on Friday 26th July at Peter Street Library.

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