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Striders Conquer Lakeland Ultras

One of the UK’s most iconic ultra-marathon events took place over the weekend in the shape of the Lakeland 100 and 50 mile races.

Starting at 6pm on Friday evening, the extraordinarily tough 100 mile course features over 20,000ft of hills – the equivalent of climbing 2/3 of Mount Everest. To make matters more difficult, a last minute diversion caused the course to measure at around 107 miles.

Striders’ very own ultra warrior, Collette Flaherty, competed in the epic challenge. Battling sleep deprivation, intense humidity, torrential downpours and increasingly treacherous trails as the weekend progressed, the indestructible Flaherty crossed the line in 41 hours 2 minutes. She once again confirmed her status as Striders’ Ultra Queen. After the race, Flaherty illustrated the enormity of her achievement: “I was already 30+ hours sleep deprived.. It was so painful. The blisters were building and every step was painful”.

Dynamic duo Claire Blennerhassett and Anita Hall were no less impressive in completing the 50 mile event. Despite incessant rain and howling winds throughout, they stuck together and pushed each other to finish in 17 hours and 51 minutes.

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