Recycle more and waste less this Christmas

With Christmas and New Year approaching fast the festive season has begun, a time when many residents find their household waste is on the rise.

There’s a good chance many of us haven’t wrapped a single present yet or decorated our homes, so it’s a perfect time to plan for a less wasteful Christmas.

Picture the average home on Christmas day; mounds of wrapping paper, enough cardboard to build a fort, not to mention all the extra glass bottles, cans, aluminium foil and food waste made by the typical New Year’s Eve celebration.

Here’s a few of these recyclable materials that see an increase at this time of year, which sometimes get thrown in the brown landfill bin:

Clean aluminium foil – you may use lots of this to cover food or oven bake potatoes. If clean it can go in your pink bag.
Wrapping paper – wondering what do with the mounds of used wrapping paper? Scrunch it and see. Scrunch it in your hand; if it stays scrunched rather than unfolding, it can likely be recycled in your blue bag for paper. Avoid using foil gift wrap and anything laminated or with glitter, which can’t be recycled. Remember to remove all sticky tape, bows and other embellishments.
Envelopes and greeting cards – blue bag for envelopes and cards.
Food waste – everything from turkey carcasses to tea bags should go in your food caddy or kerbside caddy. Remember, you can line your caddy with newspaper instead of bags or even use a bit of left over recyclable paper gift wrap.
Drink cans and glass bottles – most families go through more of these during the festive season. Make sure that cans go in your pink bag, glass bottles in your black box.

There’s a range of tips to have a less wasteful Christmas online at, from environmentally-friendly, recyclable wrapping, to giving experience package gifts over physical presents and reusing your decorations year after year.

Remember to recycle your real Christmas tree too, when collections at parks and opens spaces across the borough begin in the new year. Trees are recycled and shredded into chippings which are then used locally in parks and woodland areas.

The recycling team is holding a series of informative events at locations across the borough. Drop in if you’d like to speak to them, and find out everything there is to know about recycling in St Helens at:

Haydock Library – Wednesday 27 November, 10am-1pm
Chester Lane Library – Friday 29 November, 10am-1pm
Moss Bank Library – Tuesday 3 December, 10am-1pm
Hardshaw Centre, St Helens Town Centre – Wednesday 4 December, 10am-1pm
Eccleston Library – Wednesday 4 December, 2pm-4pm
Tesco, Newton-le-Willows – Thursday 5 December, 10am-1pm

Bank holidays over the festive season will affect some collection days. All residents will receive stickers in the coming weeks from recycling crews detailing any changes.

Because of the increase in glass and cardboard recycling, black boxes will be collected by separate crews. Please have all of your recycling and waste receptacles ready for 6:30am on the day of your collection.


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