Find out how to get Council Tax support

St Helens Council has offered its support to those who have found themselves in financial difficulty due to coronavirus.

Those in need of support with Council Tax bills could benefit from a council tax reduction scheme from St Helens Council.

The scheme can help towards the cost of council tax for people on a low income or claim certain benefits including Universal Credit. This means that those who may have lost work or money due to coronavirus could benefit from these means of help.

The Government has also announced a hardship fund which will add further support to those who can receive support from the Council Tax reduction scheme. The funding is intended to provide extra support to existing working-age claimants who currently get a reduction to Council Tax.

There is also support for those who may have issues paying Council Tax by Direct Debit. Find out how to have payment instalments adjusted on 01744 675255.

If you are already receiving Council Tax reduction support the additional help will be automatically applied to your bills.

To find out more about the Council Tax reduction scheme visit


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