Social worker speaks about recovery experience

A St Helens Council social worker has described how it felt to be hit by coronavirus and their recovery to be back on the front line helping those who need support.

Michael Seed supports people with mental health issues or are disabled as part of his role although recently he has been redeployed to support the Whiston Integrated Discharge Team through St Helens Cares, which helps to move people back home or into care when their hospital treatment has finished.

But when he found himself feeling unwell he presumed it was just because he was tired from the demands of his role and being a dad to four children.

Michael said: “I started to feel very hot. I went home that evening and started to feel like I had a sore throat and developed a cough. That night I fell asleep at 6pm and woke up the following afternoon. I’m not much of a good sleeper due to having a large family and I’m usually the first person up in the house.

“I was constantly falling asleep and again had a long sleep that night after falling asleep early. I then started to lose my taste and smell.”

St Helens Council has ensured a system for front line workers to be able to get tested quickly and Michael had a test arranged at Haydock Park Racecourse.

“It was a strange feeling and I saw one of my colleagues behind me in her car,” he added. “The Army were there doing the tests and I personally thought they were doing a wonderful job and very caring when dealing with my test.

“Getting swabbed up the nose was an unpleasant experience. I used to work at the Fracture Clinic at Whiston years ago and always did the swab test on other people who were going to have surgery to test for MRSA. I now understand why people hated the experience.

“I received my test result at 7pm the following day by text. It was a strange feeling but I expected the result to be positive. The main worry was passing this virus to my children.

“I was lucky as the virus itself wasn’t as bad as some people have had, it was something like a bad flu so I was able to cope with the symptoms.”

As he started to recover Michael was able to work from home to self isolate before he returned to his role at Whiston Hospital.

Having recovered from Covid-19 Michael has some guidance for everyone: “It is very important to follow the guidelines and keep two metres apart from other people when you need to get essential items. It also very important to religiously wash your hands and use the hand gels. I am part of a food parcel scheme in my local area for people who are self-isolating so I would say if you have to self-isolate seek the support of friends and family or use St Helens Together rather than risk others.”



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