St Helens Council outlines its position on schools reopening

The Prime Minister in his statement on 10th May announced the Government’s intention that childcare providers and schools should reopen on 1st June.

St Helens Council continues to have considerable consultation and engagement with local schools and nurseries to plan in relation to opening schools to more pupils, along with regular meetings with  Trade Union colleagues. Schools also continue to engage with parents to assess potential take-up and collate parental views.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson stated on the weekend of 17th May that schools would only return if five tests have been met:

– Much lower cases of coronavirus among the population
– A national plan for social distancing in schools
– Tests available for staff and pupils
– A whole-school strategy for safety
– A plan to protect vulnerable teachers

Schools have worked incredibly hard to ensure that children are able to return to the classroom safely.

St Helens Council is keen to ensure that children are able to return to school but only if it is safe to do so. Headteachers and Governors are assessing whether the local demand, physical building capacity and teacher availability supports the achievement of five tests for individual schools.





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