A ‘wheely’ kind gesture from Rainford High

Rainford High has continued to give back to the local community and has donated its old minibus to the Rainford Boys’ Brigade.

The school usually allows the group to borrow the minibus during the summer months for their annual retreat. Unfortunately, they have been unable to do so this year due to the pandemic.

As the school has recently welcomed two new minibuses, Alexandra Marsh, director of business and finance, has kindly donated one of their preloved vehicles to the group.

She said: “We love to help out our local community and we have built a great relationship with the Rainford Boys’ Bridge. They have used our minibuses during the summer for many years as the vehicles aren’t in use whilst the school is closed.

“We now don’t have the need for this particular bus and so we have happily donated it to the group. We are sure they will get lots of use out of it.”

Ian Lancaster runs the group and was delighted to accept the generous gift.

Rainford High is an 11-18 school with just over 1600 students who achieve excellent examination results at both the end of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. The school has a strong ethos of ‘Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps and Everyone Succeeds’ which the staff and pupils work continually to make this the day-to-day focus of the school.

For more information, visit: www.rainford.org.uk


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