Advertise your Business where it matters. With all the great things going on across the Borough.

It’s more than just advertising when you choose to partner with us. Not only will you receive an effective way to put your great Business in front of thousands more people, you’ll also be helping us deliver positive change by helping bring life to new projects and ideas that benefit people across the Borough..

How effective are we at reaching people?

23,000 people visited our website during Q1 of 2018. In addition we also reach and engage with tens of thousands of people every month across Social media.

Advertising Programme – What you get

Business directory

Not a “static” Business Directory which you find in many places. As well as appearing on our website we are actively promoting it and the Business contained within it, across Social Media to a wide audience.

Website promotion

We actively promote the businesses who choose to parter with us, throughout our website.

Social media promotion

We actively promote the businesses who choose to parter with us, on both Facebook and Twitter. We have great reach and engagement on both these platforms. In addition we also utilise paid advertising on Facebook to promote what we do, which also benefits those who partner with us.

Sector directory

In addition to the main Business directory we will have a number of featured guides, which you can appear in. We promote these on our website and also share widely across Social Media. They are as follows.

  • Weddings and Events Directory
  • Business to Business Directory
  • Meetings and Conferences Directory
  • Tradespeople Directory
  • Local and Online Directory. For local Business who sell via e-commerce, either on their own website or via a site such as Etsy.
  • Health and Wellbeing Directory

How much does this all cost?

To take advantage of the advertising opportunities above is just £19.99 per month.

Get in touch

Email us direct at or use the form below. Alternatively, give us a call on 01744 304510.